I recently went on a trip with my Art Foundation course to Berlin, Germany. It was such an incredible experience – Berlin is full of amazing street art, including the Berlin Wall. The East Side Gallery of the wall was my favourite part, I had to re-visit it just to capture more photos on my film camera as well as my digital!

We visited many art galleries and museums (obviously) including the Jewish Museum, which had architecture that reflected the idea of the museum really well, as well as some fascinating history about the Holocaust.

Another highlight was having a tango lesson!! We went to a dance hall, which was actually used in the 1920s for dancing. Now, it’s a restaurant, where customers can enjoy a tango lesson before they eat! The teachers were so friendly and even gave us a sneak peek of a full tango routine.

Anyway, I recently inherited my Grandpa’s old film camera which I used in Berlin. The photos are finally all developed and printed, so here are some of my favourites. Enjoy!






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