After finally receiving my certificates for my distinction in my Art Foundation course, (yay!) I realised it was the perfect opportunity to get back on the blogging scene, after being so busy with my final project, in which I focused on photography.

My main focus for my photography has always been fashion, and my final project was no exception. I wanted to do something unique after visiting Tim Walker’s exhibition at Somerset House. His ethereal fashion scenes inspired me to use a back story to influence my shoot. After hours of pinterest-searching and googling for inspiration, I decided to create a shoot and editorial video based on the character of Pandora, from the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box.

Pandora is described as beautiful but deadly as well as powerful, full of guile yet with a playful innocence to disguise her faults. I tried to show this through the fashion and locations – please let me know what you guys think?!

Accompanying the photographs was a fashion editorial video – I’ll hopefully be loading that soon!


Model: Jasmine Clark

Photographer: Alannah Lucy Messett

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