Viva Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, goes on my blog! That’s how the saying goes, right?

Back in May 2019 8 of us girls boarded a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada. Whilst I know the city doesn’t appeal to some, I was excited for a few days in the sun with my friends. There are also some really great things to see if gambling and drinking aren’t your type of thing. My photos aren’t the best from this trip (due to the aforementioned activities) but hopefully they give you an idea of some fun things to do in Las Vegas!

We booked a trip to the Grand Canyon ahead of time – it was a must-see for me. We went with Maverick Helicopters on the Grand Canyon Explorer tour. It’s a small airplane that takes you to the South Rim on a short shuttle bus tour (our tour guide was the cutest guy who made us a packed lunch) where you can get off and explore the views and hiking trails yourself. The views were nothing short of spectacular – it’s impossible to describe the vastness of it.

A tour of the hotels is a worthy activity in Vegas. They’re so enormous and unique, and you could spend a couple of days seeing all of them.

The Venetian was definitely my favourite; the theming is incredible, it’s even got its own canal and gondolas. You forget you’re in a busy American city. The Bellagio is another beautiful hotel I’d recommend visiting – the Botanical Gardens change display every season.

There are 3 amazing rides at the top of The STRAT Hotel. Non-guests can go straight up and buy tickets for the rides overlooking the incredible Las Vegas Valley.

There are so many restaurants to try in Las Vegas, from fast food to fine dining. Two of my top places were STK and Catch – both slightly pricey but worth it with incredible food and amazing service.

The Neon Museum is also really worth the trip. They look after old hotel and casino signage in their main collection, the “Neon Boneyard”, hosting more than 200 unrestored signs, including the old Hard Rock guitar.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Let me know your recommendations in the comments – I am fully planning to go back one day and see what I missed!

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