Lamp Posts and Flower Baskets

Oh, London. If you can’t tell yet, it’s one of my favourite places.

Joined by my fellow London-devotee, Emily, we ventured to Bethnal Green on a sunny Sunday morning, to visit Judy’s Vintage ‘Kilo’ Fair held in York Hall on Old York Road. I must say it was the best vintage fair I’d ever been to; grab a bag, fill it with vintage goodies, and pay according to how much your bag weighs! They say a kilo is £15 – an average of 4-5 items! Then we rested our feet with a lovely sausage roll, cake and Ribena (of course) from the small ‘Pear of Peas’ cafe.

Feeling suitably refreshed, we wandered over to the lovely Brick Lane, where the Sunday market was in full flow; food, fresh juices, antiques, vintage clothes, sunglasses, books, and more food stalls!

And then on to one of my most cherished secrets of London – St Christopher’s Place, just off Oxford Street. We enjoyed a stroll around the small shops, and then had a delicious meal at an Italian called Osteria Ambrosia. Their £9.50 lunch menu was until 6pm so we just made it for the best garlic bread I’ve had in a long time, as well as a gorgeous pizza. We crossed the road to Kula for dessert – a delightful Oreo milkshake for Emily, and a chocolate ice cream for myself (my weakness!).

Enjoy the photographs, again taken on Kodak Porta 400 35mm Film!

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